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Sacato Engine & Machinery

Sacato Degreaser uses the power of solvents, emulsifiers and other stain fighters to lift and eliminate tough grease, grime or dirt out of nearly any surface. No more scrubbing pain. Just spray, wipe and rinse.
Removes: Heavy Grease, Transmission Fluid, Burned Oil, Asphalt, Resins, Scum, Grime.

Ideal for use on ALL engines and machinery.

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Al pasar de los años, nos hemos destacado como una empresa que provee alta calidad, experiencias únicas y grandes valores, a través de nuestros productos,

Our products are designed for application in difficult surfaces and functionality.

We believe in the highest quality for automotive care. We formulate our products with the technology to achieve the best results in the shortest of time, the lowest degree of effort and spending the least of money.

About Us

We’re an agile, competitive and innovative company focused on surpassing the expectations of our clients. We believe in quality, car care made simple. Our products are formulated with the finest, cosmetic, quality ingredients using the latest technology to achieve better results in a shorter amount of time with less effort required and lower costs. An excellent line of cleaning products for cars. Cristal Products, with more than 25 years in the market, has developed a complete line of products with the highest quality to make cleaning simpler, no matter what the needs may be.

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Make your car look brand new with Cristal X Multipurpose Cleaner. With just 4oz, the double concentrated product provides a quick and effective cleanse.

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Apply Cristal Untouchable 4 to 6 inches from tire and spray evenly onto tire. Untouchable will give your tires an outstanding shine.

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With both soap and wax, Cristal Ultimate Wash & Wax is formulated to remove dirt particles and repel water. With just 2oz of product you can wash an entire vehicle.