Magic Touch

Cristal Magic Touch is an instant cleaner that polishes and protects any solid surface on your vehicle both inside and outside. Magic Touch can be used on paint, chrome, carbon fiber, glass, mirrors, plastics, aluminum, vinyl and leather.

Use And Application

  • Shake well before use.
  • Spray Cristal Magic Touch over a small section (3 or 4 square feet).
  • With a microfiber towel, gently rub in circular movements to dry up the fog of the product for a polished look.
  • Do not use on cloth, skin or apply on vehicle controls.


  • Does NOT leave greasy residue.
  • Repels dust.
  • Creates an instant polished and professional look for your vehicle.
  • Prevents finger marks from adhering to the glass.
  • Eliminates all types of asphalt patches and grease on the vehicle’s paint.